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February 2016

Explore the World of Mysticism In Sand With Desert Safari

Desert SafariYou can enjoy much more than just the sand when you book a desert safari. From camel rides and sand skiing, from exotic dance to shopping in the exquisite malls, you enjoy every bit of it. You can come to know the different culture and traditions of the place and along with the enjoyment. Moreover, the affordability and the luxury offered are the most important factors that these hassle free safaris are becoming a most favorite and compulsory attraction of all tourist.

The Features

When you book a Desert Safari, you can enjoy many things apart from the car ride on the undulating sand dunes. You can enjoy a camel ride after that and have it all photographed in the traditional costume. Enjoy live shows of dance and music by professional artists sipping the hot tea or coffee. Henna painting is done by almost every tourist while enjoying the famous belly dance and Tanoura show. There are also other folk dance and puppet shows to enjoy.

The Add-ons

Along with all these, you can enjoy your drink, at an additional cost, from the bar and enjoy the dinner where you get both veg and non-veg food with barbecue with an unlimited supply of water and cold drinks. If you can afford to spend more and more of the fun, then you can go for sand boarding and quad biking at an additional cost.

Keep It Safe

All desert safaris are very enjoyable, but you must keep it safe and take a few precautions to make it easier for you.

• Preference – If you book the morning safari you can enjoy more in the bright sunlight and take excellent pictures of the various activities and adventures. Remember, apart from the summer season, being in the desert in the mornings is cool and refreshing.

• Four Wheel Drive – Always book a four-wheeled vehicle for your desert safari, fully equipped with all the necessary features and safety mechanisms.

• Communication – Keep in touch with others through and make sure that the drivers also carry mobiles phones.

• Experienced Chauffer – Check for the experience of the driver of your car so that you do not get lost in the sea of sand and at the same time enjoy all the places and features of the desert safari.

• Health Care – Take care of the health, as sand bashing and driving can cause problems to pregnant women, a person with heart problems, slip discs and vertigo.

To Sum Up

If you follow the instructions and take adequate care to protect you from the sun rays, then the mystic desert safari can be an experience which you will treasure forever.

Himalayan Full Moon

Himalayan Full MoonIt is midnight, and full moon on the Himalayas, and the cold kills. I cannot adapt to the climate. The wooden walls of my room are a miserable shelter and my feather sleeping bag is too warm and transpiring. I am sweating in it and the slightest air current makes me shiver. It is my mania to avoid anything synthetic. I decide to go down to the hot springs. A small one is nearby, in the center of the village, tiled with large flat stones and bounded by a circular wall of smaller ones, about an arm’s length. The diameter is approximately five meters and there’s never anyone; they all go to the biggest one at the village entrance. That hot water spring welcomes you when you arrive, after crossing an endless rope-bridge teetering over a sacred river descending loud and rushing into a deep gorge. When you walk over it, stunned by the noise, you see the road carved into the mountain on one side and inviting warm waters on the other. They’re very hot indeed, contained within a single masonry construction. All the rest is wood.

The air is very cold, the moon triumphs, and the pitch darkness is the backdrop with thousands of pulsating stars. I take a deep breath and feel like dying. I go, alone in the street, shaking in my yak-wool jacket and pulling my local hat down to my ears. I can see the fumes of the baths from afar, inviting, and I already breathe the delicate scent of sulfur. All around, above the dark shape of the houses, the giant profiles of the mountains. I leave my slippers out and enter the circle. Heat and humidity are very pleasant and revive me. It’s a dark outdoor place, surely revitalizing for my skin and numbed lungs. I take off my jacket to sit on hot plates, and enjoy the night, moon, loneliness, altitude, and finally heat. What a place, what an atmosphere, what an unknown and unimaginable magic. I would stay naked but you never know how many eyes are watching you hidden in the dark of night. There is too much moonlight to sleep. All around is peace, but inside me there is always something that grinds deep and makes me always feel uncomfortable. Time stops and so do I, in unstable balance, crushed by the night that does not move. I close my eyes and listen to the sound of water flowing beneath me.

I hear the sound of footsteps and see Rita arriving. She takes off her slippers and approaches, sitting down beside me. She feels cold too and presses against me for a few minutes. We look into each other’s eyes; silence is too dominant to say anything, we’re both pure perception pierced by reflected moon rays. We fill a pipe and smoke it slowly, savoring the taste, the burning fire and thick smoke coming out of our dragon’s mouth. It’s becoming more and more magic this October full moon. It’s getting hotter and bit by bit we strip off our cloths, until we’re finally naked, reckless and heedless as always. Her skin is white, faintly silver, her curves slender and delicate, her eyes bright and smiling and a cascade of black curls cover her shoulders down to her breasts. Her pubic forest dominates, undisputed and inviting, and we get lost in a sublime tangle of love. A bit timid, a bit hesitant, I come inside her. She’s happy. We lie embraced over our clothes. The night is softer now, gently enveloping, and after an infinite time, comes an endless dawn. The ritual is complete, in the Valley of Gods.

Love Weird? Visit These Museums in Bangkok

Batcat MuseumBank on Bangkok to provide you stuff that is out of this world. A modern society, people in Bangkok have fascination for everything including gore, batman and museums. Although Bangkok is a must visit for various other reasons too, but if you love weird stuff then you have to be in the city to enjoy every bit of it. The city has museums that have the collections of not only caracasses, torture techniques, batman merchandise and even museums! Yes, it has one named ‘The house of Museums’. If you love the word weird then visit Bangkok now and come travel to have ‘weird’ full experience.

Bangkok Forensic Museum: Positioning high in the race for the most weird fascination in Bangkok, the Forensic Museum is likewise at the top of the list. Not just is the presentation of innumerable human parts genuinely ghostly, however the old, dusty, creaky working in which this colossal accumulation is shown additionally adds to the evil climate. Situated in Siriraj Hospital inverse the Grand Palace, six rooms show frightful scenes, the creepiest being the life systems room with grown-ups and babies bodies kept in yellowish formaldehyde for who knows to what extent; some are consistently molded and some others genuinely disfigured.

The house of Museums: A diverse presentation of items from the sixties and an extremely famous venue for youthful Thais amid the weekend. In the event that you are Thai and happened to be conceived in this time, every one of the articles in plain view will surely bring back nostalgic recollections. Every floor has its own particular little claim to fame… an old drug store, an electronic shop with cumbersome television sets and bizarre “convenient” telephones, a classroom and even a smaller than normal motion picture theater.

The Human Body Museum: This is the only place where you can go close to a genuine dead body; you will even be welcome to hold a real human brain to value its weight. How irritating is that? Really the whole show is so spotless and aseptic, it’s not as unnerving as it sounds. 14 human bodies stand gladly in two rooms and every body is cleaned, cut or cut at an alternate levels with a specific end goal to show muscles, sensory systems, organs and bones. The outcome is striking.

Correction Museum: Set in the remaining parts of what used to be the Bangkok Maximum Security Prison worked in 1890, this historical center is a confirmation to the human resourcefulness to outline torment contraptions and discover a wide range of approaches to execute crooks. Part of the exhibition hall is shown inside ‘Piece Cell 6’: the first cells where convicts were doing their time, utilizing human size mannequins to outline rather graphically how discipline gadgets were utilized.

Batcat Museum: The Batcat Museum is funny book nerd heaven, showing a huge number of activity figures of the superheroes we as a whole know, from the main Batman and other Captain America’s to the super cutting edge Iron Man in his unrealistic suit. As the name of the historical center demonstrates, a substantial room is completely committed to the famous Batman, showing such an amazing measure of promoting it makes Batman motion pictures resemble ‘supporting advertisements’ for activity figures, toys, ensembles, books, prepackaged games and other senseless embellishments.
With so many bizarre museums up its sleeves, visit Bangkok to see the human anthropology and batman merchandise at it’s best.

A Spectacular Family Trip To Sydney

Family Trip To SydneySydney is one of the most fascinating travel destinations in the world, always full of surprises for the traveler. If you wish to select a family-friendly tourist destination, Sydney is an amazing choice. You’ll come across plenty of kids friendly attractions in the city and plenty of fun-filled experiences. If it’s your first trip to the city, here is a complete guide to enjoy some attractions and experiences with your kids.

1. The Australian Museum and National Maritime Museum

Let’s face the reality first; many adults despise visiting a museum. For this reason, most of their kids also do not fancy the thought of going to a museum. In Australia, you would find things to be entirely different. You wouldn’t have to suffer from the very obvious boredom in Sydney when you take a trip to the finest museums of the country.

The Australian Museum is the first one built in the country. Ever since its construction, it has particularly catered to the needs of little ones. There are plenty of hands on experiences and interactive activities that presents all the knowledge in a fun manner.

Even if your child holds no interest in the marine, a trip to the National Maritime Museum is just enough to drive their interest. There is plenty to learn and experience when they witness amazing masterpieces such as a submarine, gigantic ships and other amazing exhibits.

2. Sydney Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens are a treat to the eyes and the stunning display of flowers and vegetation is surely impressive. It’s absolutely a must visit for the adults, but these Royal Gardens are also well catered to the needs of the children. The wildlife of the park is one of a kind and delightful to explore. The sound of birdsongs all year round is truly a treat to the ears, no matter when you visit. The garden has a wide range of bird species. The Cockatoos and Rosellas truly win the show!

3. An Adventurous Trip to Yarramundi

The tree adventure in Yarramundi is nothing short of amazing and a must to experience. Trees are always great to look at, but you can do way more when you travel to Yarramundi at the famous Grose River Park. If you have kids who get easily bored, it is a perfect choice for you to keep them entertained and thrilled. Children that are four and above can enjoy the tree top adventure, and the course is catered to their age. It’s an exciting day out while they climb, leap and even fly!

4. Taronga Zoo

Australia is famous for its wildlife, and one of the best places to experience this is at the Taronga Zoo. Not only does it have one of the largest collections of wildlife, but also amazing views of the Harbour. There are a number of guided tours that you can avail to explore it in the best manner.