5 Reasons to Visit the Magical Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long BayWhen planning a vacation, Vietnam isn’t on many people’s radar, which is a travesty once one learns of the pristine beaches, unbelievable sights and rich culture of the country that is just waiting to be discovered by eager tourists. When you start browsing vacation spots in Vietnam online, you will likely come across some images of an otherworldly bay. This bay is called the Bai Tu Long Bay, and it is a part of Halong Bay, one of the well-hidden vacation spots in Vietnam.

A few kilometers of water sprinkled with some islands is easy to describe on paper, but no words or images for that matter, can do justice to the magic of this place. If you want to experience the true splendor of this enchanting bay; cruises of Bai Tu Long Bay are the best ways to do it. Note the fact that there is an ‘s’ at the end of cruises, as in multiple cruises will help you explore this tranquil bay in the most comprehensible way possible.

If you aren’t convinced by the images and the descriptions of the bay, then you may want to look at some intriguing reasons why you should visit this heaven on earth at least once in your life:

1. A “Road” Less Travelled

The most appealing thing about the Halong bay is that its beauty is incomparable; the most unappealing thing about it is that the main part of the bay is very popular among the tourists. If you are looking for a quieter spot, Bai Tu Long Bay is the perfect choice. There won’t be hundreds of ships bothering your serenity, and you can enjoy the sound of the water and fauna without any interruptions.

2. The Hidden Beauty

There are many different hidden caves and lagoons in the area, each amazing in its own unique way. This is why pictures and descriptions can never reveal the true beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay. You will have to go out to the bay yourself and explore all of the secrets it hides yourself.

3. The Locals

There are still many different people still living on the small isles in the Bai Tu Long Bay. There are fishing villages along the way – the government of Vietnam has provided these people with a sustainable living plan, which also keeps the protection of the natural environment of the bay in check.

4. Privacy

The seclusion of the bay means that you will be free of any type of noise, or any other kind of, pollution. The few boats that are present in the bay will be quite far away from each other, guaranteeing your privacy. The government program “For a Green Halong Bay” is strictly adhered to by the locals in Bai Tu Long Bay, this is the main reason why the bay still remains clean and natural. The lack of tourist traffic is also a big part of why the bay seems untouched.

5. Once in a Lifetime

A trip, that includes a visit to Vietnam, will be one that you remember for the rest of your life. Yes, there are many more vacation spots that are more popular, but there are none that offer more in terms of peacefulness, magnificence and serenity.