Love Weird? Visit These Museums in Bangkok

Batcat MuseumBank on Bangkok to provide you stuff that is out of this world. A modern society, people in Bangkok have fascination for everything including gore, batman and museums. Although Bangkok is a must visit for various other reasons too, but if you love weird stuff then you have to be in the city to enjoy every bit of it. The city has museums that have the collections of not only caracasses, torture techniques, batman merchandise and even museums! Yes, it has one named ‘The house of Museums’. If you love the word weird then visit Bangkok now and come travel to have ‘weird’ full experience.

Bangkok Forensic Museum: Positioning high in the race for the most weird fascination in Bangkok, the Forensic Museum is likewise at the top of the list. Not just is the presentation of innumerable human parts genuinely ghostly, however the old, dusty, creaky working in which this colossal accumulation is shown additionally adds to the evil climate. Situated in Siriraj Hospital inverse the Grand Palace, six rooms show frightful scenes, the creepiest being the life systems room with grown-ups and babies bodies kept in yellowish formaldehyde for who knows to what extent; some are consistently molded and some others genuinely disfigured.

The house of Museums: A diverse presentation of items from the sixties and an extremely famous venue for youthful Thais amid the weekend. In the event that you are Thai and happened to be conceived in this time, every one of the articles in plain view will surely bring back nostalgic recollections. Every floor has its own particular little claim to fame… an old drug store, an electronic shop with cumbersome television sets and bizarre “convenient” telephones, a classroom and even a smaller than normal motion picture theater.

The Human Body Museum: This is the only place where you can go close to a genuine dead body; you will even be welcome to hold a real human brain to value its weight. How irritating is that? Really the whole show is so spotless and aseptic, it’s not as unnerving as it sounds. 14 human bodies stand gladly in two rooms and every body is cleaned, cut or cut at an alternate levels with a specific end goal to show muscles, sensory systems, organs and bones. The outcome is striking.

Correction Museum: Set in the remaining parts of what used to be the Bangkok Maximum Security Prison worked in 1890, this historical center is a confirmation to the human resourcefulness to outline torment contraptions and discover a wide range of approaches to execute crooks. Part of the exhibition hall is shown inside ‘Piece Cell 6’: the first cells where convicts were doing their time, utilizing human size mannequins to outline rather graphically how discipline gadgets were utilized.

Batcat Museum: The Batcat Museum is funny book nerd heaven, showing a huge number of activity figures of the superheroes we as a whole know, from the main Batman and other Captain America’s to the super cutting edge Iron Man in his unrealistic suit. As the name of the historical center demonstrates, a substantial room is completely committed to the famous Batman, showing such an amazing measure of promoting it makes Batman motion pictures resemble ‘supporting advertisements’ for activity figures, toys, ensembles, books, prepackaged games and other senseless embellishments.
With so many bizarre museums up its sleeves, visit Bangkok to see the human anthropology and batman merchandise at it’s best.