Scuba Diving in Palau

Scuba Diving in PalauPalau is nicely tucked in the serene south west section of Micronesia. This place is an exquisite archipelago that is composed of three hundred and forty three islands cuddled up in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The island nation of Palau is a very popular tourist destination that has scuba diving as its main attractions. Every year people from all around the world come to the islands of Palau to enjoy scuba diving. Apart from the scuba diving, snorkelling is also a very important attraction for the tourists in Palau. The island of Palau is surrounded by an amazing underwater marine life. The clear blue waters also make it quite tempting for the adventure sports lovers to dive deep in the Pacific and watch the real gems of the ocean with their own eyes.

It is only in Palau that a scuba diver would experience a glorious encounter with the marine life while they bask in the light of a tropical sanctuary underwater. So if you are a scuba diving enthusiast then know all the important information before going for the dive of your lifetime.

Recreational scuba diving in Palau

The islands of Palau have innumerable diving spots that are absolutely ideal for recreational scuba diving. You will get the basic open water for a much more specialized way of scuba diving like deep diving and wreck diving. The islands of Palau have been declared as the Number One Underwater Wonder of the World. With its rich and exotic coral reefs and plentiful marine life in the depths of Pacific, Palau remains the number one destination for all water sports lovers around the world.

While you are in Palau, you can go for diving that has spots like shallow reefs, tunnels, caves, walls as well as major deep drops. Some of the trendiest diving spots are Chandelier Caves, Shark City, German Drop Off and Turtle Code. There are many more spots that you may visit as well. You will also be able to see the wreck of World War II while you are diving in Palau.

Places to see on the Islands of Palau

The islands of Palau is not only about water sports and scuba diving. But it also offers wide stretched serene and pristine beaches of white sand that you can explore. So, if you are in a romantic mood and wish to laze around for a couple of days in one of these beaches, then it is the perfect place for your vacation getaway.

There are many luxury resorts in Palau that offers fantastic hospitality and food. You can taste different types of cuisine from all around the world. The shops around this place sell handmade gift items that are mostly made from shells and conches. You can also go on a cruise and live inside the cruiser on the Pacific for a night or two. So if you have not already planned your vacation this year, the islands of Palau are a great destination for you and your family.