The Best Things to See and Do in Hisaronu Turkey

Hisaronu TurkeyHisaronu excursions are plentiful when visiting this popular tourist destination in Turkey. One may not even realize that there is so much to offer, but it is definitely a trip unlike any other. When planning a holiday or vacation, be sure to keep these destinations, attractions and Hisaronu excursions on the list of must experience for an unforgettable trip.

Most travelers prefer to include a mix of things within their stay, unless it’s a quick weekend visit. Regardless, there are plenty of options from thrilling and wild to relaxing and mild so that everyone in the travel party will have the break they need from their day to day routine.

Fethiye Harbor

This Hisaronu excursion has many options. It’s a lovely spot to visit with many restaurants and bars along the harbor. Stroll around the marina to just see the boats or feed the turtles that are present. For a relaxing time just grab a drink or coffee, take a walk or just sightsee. If desired, there are many small boats for rent that tour the islands or offer fishing. It’s best to arrive early in the morning if wanting to book a boating trip.

Island hopping is a fun day out for all and one can get the true feel of what the area is all about, have some fun in the sun, as well as see everything the harbor has to offer for excellent photo opportunities.

Private Tours

Jeep safari and quad biking tours are popular for those searching for Hisaronu excursions. There is nice sightseeing and lunch included sometimes, depending on the provider. Some even combine with bungee jumps, white water rafting and zip lining for the ultimate in excitement. By visiting any of the private tour providers one can pick and choose their package and create some memories for an affordable rate. Quad biking is typically in a safe off-road area and lasts for up to two hours.

There are also more mild Hisaronu excursions that go sightseeing to historical sites and villages, and up in the mountains. Tlos, Yaka Park and Saklikent Gorge are just a few of the destinations. There are also sailing and boating excursions so there is definitely something for everyone.


For anyone feeling like indulging in a unique shopping experience, Hisaronu has much to offer! There are many shoppes offering jewelry and clothing that are privy to the area and very unique. Make a day long Hisaronu experience out of it when combining breakfast or lunch and a day exploring what these unique places have to offer.

Pick up a new outfit for a night on the town and then choose one of the following bars or clubs to enjoy some music and entertainment with the locals.

Bars and Clubs

Among the favorite clubs in the area are Harmony Bar and Lazy Turtle but there are so many to explore. They feature delicious foods and great drinks as well as entertainment. When it comes to nightlife this area doesn’t fall short and offers something for everyone from families to singles. DJ’s, live music and more are offered. Do some exploring and have a blast.

Dinner Theater

For an amazing nighttime Hisaronu excursion book the Talk of the Town dinner theater. Enjoy amazing food and true entertainment like no other. A night of fun includes entertainment for teenagers and older from drag queens who will provide plenty of laughs, song and dance from start to finish. It is truly a unique experience and one that is well-known in the area. Many find that it’s the perfect start to an evening out.